Holiday Rentals Management
Costa Del Sol

How We Work


Our average response time for our guests is under 1 hour and we are available 24/7 for owners and guests in case of emergency

Key delivery and Safety

We check in the guests 24/7 in the most flexible and convenient ways, meanwhile storing the keys safely in our key-safe

High Income

Our revenue management yields the highest income and occupancy compared to the average agency for our owners

Maintenance and Cleaning

Fast and efficient handling of ongoing property maintenance and professional cleaning after each booking with fresh laundry and soft towels

Careful Selection

We ensure that only the right guests with good reviews are allowed to rent and we handle all communication with them.

Everything under one roof

We do not only offer our expertise in short term rentals and everything around it, we also do so much more for our owners and guests, contact us for more information!

Frequently asked Questions

Why is it Free to start working with Costarentals?

Costarentals takes care of all photography, production of advertisements, etc. to make it as easy as possible for you to get started. It is only when the rental begins that Costarentals takes a share of the rental income.

How much can i earn with my property?

Contact us today to get the latest market update and an estimate on how much your property can earn on a yearly basis!

When do i need a tourist license?

When you rent out your apartment for shorter periods of 61 nights at a time you will need a tourist license. Costarentals will help you apply for the licensen fast

What can Costarentals do for me?

Costarentals will do everything for you and take care of each aspect there is to the short term rental business,

  • We do all the photography and marketing
  • We manage all the bookings and payments
  • We use our own, hotel quality, laundry and our own employed cleaners
  • We take care of all ongoing property maintenance
  • We pay you the rent on a monthly basis

What happens if there is an accident or something breaks in the property?

Any damage during a guest’s stay is primarily covered by the deposit or your home insurance, which must include rental supplements. In addition to this, the rental is insured up to USD 1 million per guest via Airbnb. In other words, the rental is fully insured for your safety.

Why is it so important with a tourist license?

If you rent out without permission, you are violating the law. This can lead to a hefty fine up to 300.000€

What do I need to think about when I rent out via Costarentals?

In the rental itself, we recommend that objects of high sentimental value and private laundry be moved from the home for safety and the sake of the soul. We usually like to see you leave the interior, as this contributes to a homely, hospitable atmosphere.

Can i just give you the keys and you will take care of everything?

Yes, we at Costarentals handle the entire rental. We take photos, create an appealing advertisement, find suitable guests, handle all guest contact and handle key handling and cleaning. Furthermore, we optimize pricing according to market conditions to maximize the occupancy rate and thus rental income.

About Costarentals

Costarentals started out in 2016 as a cleaning company (Costaservice) where we took care of all the cleaning needs of property owners and households. As time passed and we got more and more work, a door opened up for us where we got the opportunity to take over a few apartments for short term rental. This is the point where we went all in and started working full time in the short term rental business. Over the past 5 years we have grown from 10 apartments to over 140 properties with a total value of more than 42 Million Euros.

Our goal has never been to expand rapidly or to make a lot of money, we have just loved what we have been doing and the success has come with it! – Frank Ulm

Find out how much your property can make

We cover all areas between Malaga and Estepona on Costa Del Sol with head office in Fuengirola and a dedicated team in Marbella. We work 365 days per year and are available 24/7 in case of emergency.
We will respond within 24h to your message.